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Huronia Radio Control Club
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HRCC Field

A circle quick shot of our field as of 2015.

John Allen's Push Pull Twin

John Allan's own design. Powered by a pair of OS 46 two strokes engines. The pusher-puller is called Double Trouble. Built in the spring of 2014. Laser cut at the Innisfil library idealab.  OS 46 motors, seven servos, 66" span.

Peter Foster's Quarter Scale Sig Cub

Peter Foster's 1/4 scale J3 Cub. Built from a Sig kit, modified, covered with Coverite and painted with Randolph products dope. Powered by an OS 120 Surpass using a Master Airscrew 16-6 prop. This video was taken September 2017. The model is very much alive and well.

Peter Foster's Great Planes RV4

Peter Foster's RV 4 from a Great Plane kit. OS 91 four stroke with a 14 X 6 master Airscrew prop.

HRCC East End Gang

The HRCC East End Gang flies Sept 2017.

Richard Whitmore's Easy Sport 40

Richard Whitmore Flying His Easy Sport 40 with a .60 engine in October 2021.

John Clark Training With His Turbo Timber

John Clark Flying His Turbo Timber Evolution with Chief Flying Instructor John Allan in October 2021.

Mike Foster Flies His Panther

Panther Autogyro designed by Richard Harris. Powered by an OS40 Surpass with a Top Flite 12-4 wood prop. An early "trimming flight" flown b y Mike Foster in October 2021.

Mike Foster Flies His Panther Again

Mike Fosters Panther flying better but still a bit too fast in October 2021.